Autism 360™ is different from conventional therapy programs like ABA, etc. The majority of recent studies conclusively suggest that therapy can be up to 2 to 5x more effective when conducted from home, and with the help of parents. 


Autism 360™ is a pioneer and a global leader in parent-mediated intervention and is 100% tailored to meet your child's specific needs across the following skill profiles

  • Communication skills: to improve your child's verbal and speech delivery skills

  • Social skills:  to help your child get along and interact with friends, family members and in social circles

  • Behavioural development:  to provide positive behaviour support, manage meltdowns at home, at school or in the community

  • Learning skills: to keep up with the school curriculum and help you with strategies that work for your child

  • Daily living: self-care skills to help your child become independent and grow up to be a productive member of your community

Andrew Mills


My 5 year old Evan would start school this year. Having completed Autism 360, I feel very confident. I can now create my own strategies to ensure that he doesn’t fall behind in school and his Autism related gaps are adequately taken care of.

Dale Cameron​


As an Aussie expat in Germany, I was going through a massive challenge in developing Irwin’s social skills. One my 3 yo was nonverbal and compounding to that, there was this language barrier as local support is in German. No clue what I would be doing without Autism 360 

Tricia Alice


I would recommend Autism 360 hands down! Ash and his team’s guidance has been a life saver to help me understand the challenges faced by my 8 year old ASD twins. As a parent, I now see infinite potential in my kids. #feelingEmpowered 

  • 360 Development: Your child may need extra attention to improve his/her speech, social skills, behaviour, learning skills or all of these. That's why you will only be paired with Therapists based on your specific goals

  • 100% Tailored to your Child's needs: Every child is unique, so why use one-size-fits-all strategies. In Autism 360™, every child's plan is uniquely defined based on their specific goals 

Applications are currently open to all residents in Australia regardless of whether the child is NDIS participant or not. Application is free and if selected, you will receive an all-inclusive quote for our services based on your needs. 


Please note that the application doesn't guarantee a spot in the program. You will need to go through a qualification call with one of our program advisors in order to determine if we're a great fit for each other. 




International Federation of Advanced Healthcare (IFAH) is like the Oscars in the healthcare industry.

  • Our Company, AutisMag (Autism 360™ parent company) was awarded a  Global Top50 healthcare company by IFAH in 2019 in Las Vegas

  • The only  Mental health organization to have received this award that year

  • Nominated again for  2020  event in Dubai. The event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic


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Autism 360™ is not only a pioneer in parent-mediated intervention framework but also a global community that promotes Neurodiversity

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